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Samsara Hypnotherapy - Programs Provided

Samsara Hypnotherapy provides a holistic approach of tackling a wide range of medical and psychological problems.  Areas of application include anxiety and stress conditions, weight control, and addictive behaviors (including smoking, alcohol and substance misuse). Samsara Hypnotherapy uses the best methods to ensure high level of success in meeting your particular needs.

At Samsara Hypnotherapy we will discuss the issues you want to work on and create a program of treatment that’s best for you and that will generate highest results.  

Samsara Hypnotherapy

Fears & Phobias

Conquer fear and phobias using proven techniques. Consists of 4 sessions of deep dive hypnotherapy and mind reprogramming  which will enable you to remove fear and take back your life

Weight Management

​All natural weight loss program for appetite control, food addictions, better eating habits,  metabolism boost, exercise routine and fat loss.

6PM - 9PM Mon-Fri, 11AM - 7PM Sat-Sun   +1.703.989.7731

Relationship Therapy

Marriage therapy helps couples who are struggling in their relationships and who are looking for alternative methods  to communicating and resolving current and past issues.

Stress Management

​Stress management program for tackling anxiety, worries, finding trigger points that cause stress level and derooting it though  power of suggestion. 

"In hypnosis your unconscious mind becomes very receptive to positive suggestions.  Especially when those suggestions are tied to a goal you already know you want to achieve.”

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Samsara Hypnotherapy - Services Provided

Addiction Management

Addiction therapy program that offers a 4 session therapy program for substance abuse relief so you can start living a healthy substance-free life.

Insomnia Therapy

Tackle causes for insomnia while relaxing and dropping off into sleep- 3 sessions