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My fist hypnosis sessions at Samsara Therapy was  for relaxation and then slowly used these sessions to dive deep into some of my core issues like having low self esteem, public speaking, and stress.  After I completed only 2 sessions, I could see the difference in myself. I was still under the same amount of stress but my reaction to it was amazing. I was not affected by the stress that was around me. I also noticed that I was more self confident and not as nervous speaking publicly. I will continue with my therapy as I'm seeing positive changes.  

Flecia F. Dahir

Education & Certificates

  • Certified Consulting Hypnotists, National Gild of Hypnotist, Inc.
  • Master in Business Administration (MBA), University of Maryland
  • Bachelor of Art in Economics, George Mason University  

Studies show that the conscious brain is only 10% active but the subconscious brain is 90% active. All of our experiences are the reactions of the subconscious mind to our conscious thoughts. Our behaviors results from our emotions; and since the subconscious mind is the one that controls emotions, we can conclude that the subconscious mind is the biggest factor that affects our behavior.

Feelings of anxiety, depression, allergies, eating disorders, substance abuse issues, and insomnia are all triggered though the subconscious mind. Battling these symptoms and disorders requires understanding the subconscious mind and finding techniques that will penetrate the memory databases thus exposing and eliminating represses thoughts. Doing so will help resolve problems that affect our conscious mind.

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awaken youR mind

I had high anxiety and came to Samsara Hypnotherapy for treatment.  I had never done hypnotherapy and didn't know what to expect for my first visit.  I also didn't think I could be hypnotized.  To my surprise, I went under beautifully! We did a relaxation therapy followed by Anxiety treatment.  I came out feeling so relaxed as if I had slept for years!  I felt light, calm and happy!  I am a permanent client now and going back to do Age Regression Therapy.     

 Vitaly Mikhailov

I tried several times to lose weight and would go on a diet for a couple of weeks then completely lose hope and give up on the diet all together.  I got tired of not being able to stick to a diet so I went to Samsara Hypnotherapy and tried her weight loss program.  We sat down and talked about my goals and what I wanted to accomplish.  We talked about the foods that I'm very vulnerable to and are bad for me and came up with two food items that I would eat less of.  We did a relaxation and weight loss therapy and felt extremely relaxed afterwards.  Days after the session, I noticed that I was craving healthy foods like salads, spinach and fruits.  I felt very focused on eating right and had a positive self-image of myself.  I've been going back for follow-up sessions and am seeing a huge difference in my attitude about eating.  I'm finally understanding that weight loss is about changing the way I think about food subconsciously.  Thanks Samsara Hypnotherapy!
Dana Jale

The Inspiration....

The conscious mind communicates to the outside world as well as the inner self through speech, pictures, writing, physical movement, and thought.  The subconscious mind is the storehouse of all memories and past experiences. It contains forgotten and no longer important thoughts as well as repressed memories from trauma. Our personalities, emotions, habits, and behaviors are formed through these stored memory databases. The subconscious mind communicates to the conscious mind through feelings, emotions, imagination, sensations, and dreams.

Power of the Subconscious Mind

I strongly believe that hypnosis is one of the best forms of treatment when it comes to combating traumatic events and reoccurring disorders. I strongly believe that the power of the subconscious mind can heal, inspire, and strengthen a person’s abilities to cope with life problems, and doing so requires hypnotherapy treatments. 

My passion is to understand the subconscious mind and find techniques to taps into it and utilize some of the powers it obtains.  Being inspired by it, I began to research the subconscious mind and its ability to impact behavior. I’ve been researching and studying hypnotherapy, religions of the world, spirituality (to include near death experiences, and altered state of consciousness) for over a decade. My research illustrated that most problems, issues, and disorders stem from incidents and or traumas that occurred in childhood, as well as forgotten memories. While the conscious mind may have forgotten the trauma/ incident, the emotions associated with the incident are stored in the subconscious mind.  This is where hypnosis can be utilized to tap into the memory database and pull out and eliminate feelings that trigger the negative behavior or disorder. 

Samsara Hypnotherapy

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